Social Media Mystery Shopping

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Social Media Mystery Shopping

Measure Your Social Media Interactions Up To Your Customers’ Expectations

Does your social media customer care team have consistent answers? Are you responding to customer inquiries within 30 minutes or less? How does your social media customer experience compare to industry standards?

Be ready to offer a stellar customer experience with social media mystery shopping services at My CX!

Our highly skilled professional community managers will conduct a mystery shopping exercise on your brand and social support team. This exercise will take place at different times and days, and its objective will be to evaluate whether your team is delivering quality customer experiences on social media.

At the completion of each program, we will compare the results against industry standards and your own key objectives and present you with a custom report.

Mystery Shopping Social Media By The Experts

By implementing a consistent social media mystery shopping program, you can gauge the effectiveness of your team's responses to inquiries and complaints and their speed, quality, and accuracy in addressing them.

Our social media mystery shopping assignments provide a comprehensive analysis report per location, including screen captures of all communication sent and received. Within 2-3 days of the mystery shop, each report will be available for review on our online reporting platform.

How Does Our Social Media Mystery Shopping Program Work?

  1. Defining Objectives: Measurable key performance indicators (KPIs) are identified, including response time, quality of response, and customer satisfaction.
  2. Locations Identification: Social media channels and locations you want to include in the mystery shopping program are determined. This could include your company's Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, and any other social media channels relevant to your business.
  3. Scenario Creation: Different scenarios based on real-life situations of your customer that the mystery shoppers will use are formed. 
  4. Conduct mystery shopping: Our mystery shoppers will engage with your social media channels, posing as customers and following the created scenarios. They will evaluate the customer experience and offer feedback based on your identified KPIs.
  5. Analyse Results & Reporting: We will analyse the results to identify strengths and weaknesses in your social media customer service. This feedback can be used to improve your social media customer service. 

We will finally create a report including recommendations for improving your social media customer service and insights into how your social media customer service compares to industry standards.

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“The well-satisfied customer will bring the repeat sale that counts.”

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Social Media Mystery Shopping

Why Choose MyCX For Your Social Media Mystery Shopping?

MyCX's team of highly skilled professional community managers conducts a thorough mystery shopping exercise to assess the effectiveness of your social media team. Our excellent programs measure response time, quality, and accuracy of response to ensure quality customer experiences. 

With MyCX's social media mystery shopping services, you can gain valuable insights into your social media customer service performance and improve your overall customer experience.

  • Quality of Advice
  • Targeted Approach
  • Contact Quality
  • Compliance with specifications
  • Amiable Behaviour

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TKW Research provides highly responsive client leadership – they won't leave you waiting for an answer! They asks the right questions at the right time and ensures her team delivers what is promised. They are great to work with – and are always able to flexibly adapt to our changing needs and proactively finds ways to help us to the job better, cheaper and faster.

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Charles Coulton

Founding Partner at Whereto Research

I have approached TKW Research on multiple occasions for fieldwork quotations, and they are always careful to ask the right questions to fully understand the brief, but then uses their expertise to really flesh out the practicalities of the job - which is what we all want from a fieldwork partner! They go also go above and beyond to meet client deadlines and co-present pitches, which is so appreciated on large jobs.

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Kim Sullivan

COO at Orima Research

Zoos Victoria have been working with TKW for seven years. They have been excellent in pinpointing our strengths and weaknesses in the Admissions and Retail areas of our business. Their unbiased mystery shopping results have enabled us to continually improve our sales and visitor experience front-line teams. Their service is always professional and prompt and I highly recommend using TKW for your mystery shopping research.

Testimonial Img 01

Eamonn Verberne

General Manager at Memberships Zoos Victoria

Bridgestone select implemented face-to-face mystery shopping at all of our Bridgestone select stores. My CX offered an easy to use solution, delivering us an outcome with minimal fuss and the ability to adjust the program at short notice.

Testimonial Img 03

Adam Trembath

Congratulations from us all on such a stellar job smashing the target at the State Library. You exceed the target every time! We all really appreciate this - please pass on our collective thanks to the team.

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Lucy Shorrocks

TKW is a long-standing, experienced company with national coverage and capability. They will do what is required to get the job done and aren't afraid to put forward alternate suggestions as to how a methodology or approach could be improved. TKW has provided excellent field services to Painted Dog on this project over the past 9 years.

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Chris Batini

“The well-satisfied customer will bring the repeat sale that counts.”

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Contact us today to learn more about how we can empower you with the data and insights you need to improve your customer experience.