Mandy Admiraal

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Mandy Admiraal

General Manager – Research & CX Specialist

A market research expert with over 19 years’ experience, Mandy’s knowledge of customer experience insights,‘voice of customer’ programs, finance, retail & FMCG insights, product testing, mystery shopping and service and event evaluation is second to none. She is incredibly passionate about customer experience and strives to help her clients constantly raise the bar.

She particularly excels at designing bespoke data projects that are as cost-effective as they are statistically sound – so if you’re after an alternative solution, Mandy has you covered.

She’s very much results-driven. She’s our sounding board for all things data collection, helping to shape project specs to meet your objectives exactly. On a typical day you’ll find her overseeing field operations to keep them running smoothly and making sure our clients are regularly updated on team progress and pitching for new work.

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